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For myriad reasons, I maintain a robust love-hate relationship with F1. I know that the delicate beasts which parade around the multi-million dollar circuits, on the continents which comprise the F1 season, cannot engage in the contact-sport atmosphere which thrives in other disciplines. But, I wish F1 was somewhat like this!


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2 Responses to “I WISH FORMULA 1 WAS THIS INTENSE !!!”

  1. sharon knight says:

    Barcelona was a big man’s race. No place for little boys like Rosberg. Only needed an Alonso and a Verstappen to add further spice to it. Can’t wait for the next installment

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Sharon! Please explain why we have not heard from you! Rosberg, for some, executed an act which required extreme bravery, when he abandoned F1 immediately after winning the championship – his first. But there is also that group which expresses the view that his actions displayed cowardice to the infinite degree!

    Opinions will differ and personally, after revisiting some of his interviews, I am of the view that the duel with Lewis took an eternal toll on Rosberg and having won the championship, he simply did not want to drag himself through the lava lake again. He would be devastated if he failed to successfully defend his crown. So, he took the honorable route out – retire.

    Is F1 better without Rosberg? That I am in no position to comment on.

    What I can comment on, is the fact that the 2017 season is like no other in recent history and we are witnessing a formidable opposition, in the form of the prancing horse, delivering bruising blows to Mercedes’ grasp on supremacy. We will see more ‘big man’ races in 2017!

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