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I read with dismay, the words which conveyed that an accident transporting extreme consequences occurred at Jamwest Speedway on Sunday. The images that were captured could not, even if filters were applied, mask the burdensome implications which lay ahead.

Thankfully, it was evident within a short time frame, that no driver, marshal or spectator, suffered life-threatening injuries. We are grateful.

As time elapsed, despite how close we came to catastrophe’s door, the expected began to unfold.


I make no apology for saluting the NDRC’s approach to motorsports and I will continue to suggest that from their template, interested parties have an opportunity to lean invaluable lessons. From their play book, I will extract this page.

When an individual attends a NDRC event, the armband he/she receives after donating their hard-earned ‘paper’, has a band of words playing an information-laden song!

Ladies and gentlemen, motorsports cannot exist without danger. They are Adam and Eve, peas in a pod, bed and ‘spread’ (sheets), black and white, cookies and cream, belt and buckle, needle and thread, paint and brush, Heckle and Jeckle, Tom and Jerry, wheels and tyres, hook and bait, pen and paper and lastly, if you still cannot grasp that which is being portrayed – women and money! They are inseparable!

Some individuals will candidly admit that they attend events to witness the ‘drama’ as it unfolds. And at motorsports events, drama unfolding is a more likely occurrence than a lawyer lying! Do you believe that?

Circuit racing, unlike other motorsports disciplines, has men and machines assembled in a predetermined order, nervously anticipating a fluttering, vocal, green rectangle. It is a feeling that non-participants will never be in a position to understand.

But, if your motor is fully charged and you are just a spectator in the stands, perceive, if you can, the volatile conundrum which consumes the driver as he chases the sole purpose for his machine’s presence on the grid – Victory!

I posit this to assist with disbursing knowledge. Why do we seek to assign blame for actions which are expressed on the designated platform? And when thought is applied, it will be evident that these actions are ingredients of the much loved activity and unfortunately, they are also genetically attached to the activity which is being viewed by paying patrons.

I listened to David Summerbell Jr. earlier. I have not spoken to Doug Gore, who I hold in very high regard. They are both prolific, accomplished champion drivers, who are fully aware that when the green drops – you give nothing, but take everything!

And if you ask both former CMRC Champions, they may possibly share a few tricks that they have utilised in the past, to ensure that they remain in P1, despite superior opposition snorting at their exhaust. I have seen and read extensively and this I will share.

When Kyle commenced his disappearing run, David saw something. But David was not the only competitor on the track. Doug was aboard his raptor executing attack-mode! And in the millisecond that we cannot adjust for, what David saw and went for, as he should, is mentioned on the NDRC’s armband!

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