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Peter Moodie Jr, despite his absence from active circuit racing competition, continues to build on the colorful legacy that his big-shoes-to-fill-father maintains. An individual who is quite comfortable operating beyond the reach of the radar, Peter Moodie Jr. has played a significant role in shaping Jamaican motorsports. Bet you never knew that!

When the indomitable beast – TA 1 – arrived, machines that retained dominance were dispatched with aplomb and childish ease, by a highly advanced, street-platform based machine. Montego Bay was livid. Ambition would not accept defeat and through consultation with Peter Moodie Jr. the German ringmaster – DTM AUDI TT-R invaded ‘the rock’.


When I spoke to him, back then, Peter Moodie Jr. was overly confident that the DTM TT-R would slay the dragon – TA 1. He was correct.

It was possibly 2016, a day before race-day. Peter Moodie Jr. was engaged in preparing Fraser McConnell’s Subaru. During our conversation, I asked him which machine he would choose if he had the opportunity to return to the track.

There was no pensive moment. No thorough filtering of thoughts. His response flowed in a manner consistent with his visible, deceptive nonchalant demeanor. – “A Radical.”

Kyle Gregg was forced to operate in the shadow of the ‘big boys’ as he fine-tuned his craft. When his skill-set breached the limits of his trusty Honda Civic EG, he graduated to superior hardware – a Radical.

The war now had three combatants, David, Doug and Kyle, aboard three entirely different machines. But, it was evident that age, time,analog technology and unavoidable expenses all conspired to thwart David’s and Doug’s efforts. Kyle’s precocious machine was vastly superior at Jamwest and whenever they (David and Doug) hesitated at the wheel at Dover, Kyle would grin and bear the checkered flag!

Ironically and unfortunately, both machines TA 1 and the DTM Audi TT-R ‘died’ at the same track which rendered them hopeless against Kyle.

Champions are never comfortable at P2.

Kyle Gregg grabbed one. That was then. This is now. We have two! Dover Raceway will be Radicalized on August 7th!

If you are in doubt re the damage that a Radical SR8 can inflict, help is on its way. Click below.


Long live TA-1!

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