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Apparently there is an individual who is overly committed to reminding me of  the vanquished state in which my financial affairs exist. I am still at a loss, flabbergasted even, after watching a Ferrari LaFerrari cruise on an auction block and watching the fast-talking auctioneer bang away as the machine sold for a whopping US 3.45 million! Poverty is still a crime in my village!

Despite concern about killer-robots ‘Eclipseville’ is in full effect in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The world awaits the dramatic event, an event which even the blind wants to see! But, I am forced to remind curious onlookers not to look up!


On the WRC side of the pond, the Group B-like machines continue to excite. The German edition of rally’s fastest and most courageous delivered on that which was expected. With VW’s exit we expected the other sharks to engage in a carnivorous expedition as they wrestle for supremacy. And thankful we are, that, that is unfolding!

The typical rally is laced with acres of uncertainty and thanks to weather-influenced, changing conditions, drama and intrigue were intensified in Germany. But, when all was driven and done, Tanak and Malcolm’s Ford boys were popping bottles!



TANAK #1 !

Did you notice the difference between the ‘big dogs’ and the ‘pups’ at the now notorious ‘hump and jump’?

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  1. Ian Seymour says:


    I think the championship, just may come down to a fight between Tanak, Neuville and Ogier. I like Tanak’s vibe skill, so let’s see. As for the jump and hump, it was clear to me that the ‘big dogs’ always took it at an angle (their left, our right) so that when the car came back down on the road, not much correction was needed…similar to the corner above megamart on Waterloo road, going left to upper waterloo road…however the ‘pups’ as you call them took it straight and we saw the results…much like the wall in the same place I mentioned before has been removed a couple times because of similar actions.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Ian! Advice – Watch Ogier! You are correct in your assessment re the jump and hump but you left out the most significant difference between the big dogs and the pups – think suspension! Big up!

  3. Ian Seymour says:


    Its interesting you mentioned suspension and yes I know it is different between the big dogs and the pups, but here is why I did not factor it in; many of those rallies use pace notes. These pace notes would tell you what speed and gear you should take a particular jump or corner with, coupled with the fact that the dirt road before the jump is at an angle to the asphalt, should either let the driver do one of two things, slow down so the car doesn’t bump that high and throw you across the road or compensate for the angle created by the jump.

  4. cmunroe says:

    Ian – two things. 1. The pace notes are not taken at speed and as such predicting the behaviour of the machine is a grey area. 2. The level of expertise which is employed in the making of saod pace notes will differ significantly when the factory/factory-supported teams are compared with the other outfits – the pups!

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