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Ken Block needs zero introduction. To say he is a game-changer, where motorsports videos highlighting one’s craft is concerned, would be a mild understatement.

Ken Block, despite the varied opinions which exist, re his abilities as a true master with sublime skills behind the wheel, is an entertaining, refreshing and welcome addition to the YouTube catalogue, which glorifies that which an internal combustion motor can deliver

We have seen several instalments of Ken Block at play. Is this his best feat yet? Wrestling with Pikes Peak requires carbon fiber balls! And if we accept what our eyes transmit to our brains, Ken Block has earned a few more well deserved stripes!


Here is a secret though. According to reports, the machine did not remain flawless throughout the production. Plagued with a recurring issue, filming took much longer than than expected.

But, would you trade a few organs for that  machine?

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