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I was hoping that a favorable light would shine Vettel’s way. Why? I am a Lewis Hamilton fan but I do not enjoy the run-away-victories he has when the competition is absent.

In this, the 2017 season, Hamilton’s most significant threat is not his teammate. Yes, Bottas comes with the requisite skills, but on any given day, when Lewis Hamilton appears, the most Bottas can hope for is P2.

So, we can all agree that Vettel is an important aspect to the enjoyment factor in 2017. Agree?


Vettel has been bitten by the bad luck bug. I said that in an earlier blog. Is it true that Hamilton made his trip to the Caribbean and that which ailed him in 2016 is now buried deep in the past? Vettel apparently needs to make such a trip. Vettel’s weekend was on the appropriate path. He was fast and the Ferrari was delivering Marenello’s wishes. But the script was incomplete.

Qualifying had other designs. Designs which were not approved by Ferrari’s boardroom. Vettel’s quest for P1 and possible victory at the Malaysian GP were murdered before they began. Vettel’s powerplant had other plans. The memo, on the face of the facts, was not delivered to the various departments responsible to guarantee success.

So, the machine’s turbo grabbed a flight, departed and left the machine innocuous! Hamilton had a tropical afternoon, chilling in the evening breeze.

Hamilton sits on pole. Bottas’ best secured 5th. But, we can expect drama with Ferrari’s #2 Raikkonen easing into P2 and behind him the real Alsatian monsters – Verstappen and Ricciardo.

The Malaysian GP, might just deliver a scintillating surprise. Vettel starts P-last but watch out for his charge to the front – if the unit remains intact!

Who will win the Malaysian GP?

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