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There are insufficient aces in the deck to boost the argument that Lewis Hamilton will not secure his 4th drivers’ title. In Formula 1, consistent with the pace of the turbocharged minions that reside in the restrictive high-tech chassis, things change at a rather rapid pace. Heading into the summer-break, multiple world champion Vettel was  sunbathing with a healthy lead. Hamilton maintained striking distance.

When racing resumed, unfamiliar scenes were being served, devoid of GCT and the burdensome gratuity! Prior to the start of the 2017 season, it was common knowledge that Ferrari was in a no nonsense mood and the Italian marque was posturing to ‘derail’ Mercedes’ bullet-train.

It was not long before Ferrari’s preseason dream met reality and the seeds of the successful coup were flung to field. Vettel was reinvigorated, fired up even and deserved the lead.

But, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end. And unfortunately for Vettel, the end came before domination and the crown were claimed.


What happened? When exactly did the demise begin? Who should shoulder the blame for the inexplicable nosedive? These are all pertinent questions and knees in the boardroom will quiver when they are posed by Sergio Marchionne.

Whose head will roll?

At the end of July, Vettel led by 14 points and the season at that point saw Vettel and Hamilton trading wins with brief interruptions from Bottas and Ricciardo.

When racing resumed in September, Ferrari decided to give the gas pedal a break whereas Hamilton’s mantra became – HAMMER DOWN!

Hamilton went on a speed-infused rampage and when all the petrol was spent, he bagged 4 wins and gave Verstappen a bone to chew – 1 victory. Where was Vettel? Where was Ferrari?

One word succinctly accounts for Ferrari’s woes – IMPLOSION!

What role did Vettel play in Ferrari’s rapid downfall?

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