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Socialization, the sociologist will tell you, plays a significant role in determining the path an individual travels as he/she wrestles with this thing called life. It is no different in motorsports.

The machines we are exposed to, will always be on the receiving end of preferential treatment when we jump into the -  machines we desire debate.

Honesty  ensures a peaceful slumber. Mercedes Benz, a staple in a diet of German machines, based on our experience, is a cruise ship for A-listers. Yes, DTM aficionados will interject and sing about the marque’s exploits. But how many of us subscribe to the DTM doctrine?

Truth be told, on the ‘rock’ and elsewhere in our leg of the woods, when we think about a machine which we would love to have, to  wring its cylinders around, for example Dover’s 1.6, a Benz is nowhere on that Must Have list.

May the Lord continue to bless Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore,  ATL and his other sponsors – lol. We saw and felt the force – DTM! I was not a fan, but recently I was forced to concede that the AMG GT machines are hurricanes in an atmosphere dominated by stable air!

When other machines purr at speed the AMG-bred machines utter a guttural drive which hints at the savagery that lurks beneath their elongated forward section.

Listen all of these machines at work


Macau delivered, again. The circuit though – 5-6th gear corners? Ridiculous, asylum fun!

What do you think about the AMG machines?

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