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Vettel and company must be scratching their heads with a garden fork! We have seen 5 delicious rounds of Formula 1 2018 thus far and prior to Round 4, Lewis Hamilton, the defending World Champion, did not secure a victory! It was not a good look and I am certain he had days and nights when his winless streak affected his usual, jubilant, social media presence.

But luck has a way of choosing stars and in Azerbaijan Hamilton was selected – Bottas was gutted – tough world! So, Hamilton got off the mark and Ricciardo and Verstappen’s fracas gave us enough fodder to chew – we embrace intense rivalries. Which possibly explains my discomfort with last Sunday’s outcome.

I am and will always be a Lewis Hamilton fan. He is cunning, daring, determined and most significantly, he is willing to lay it all on the line to secure victory – read ruthless with a smile…..lol. Ask Nico, he still carries the battle scars…lol

The 2018 season began with Ferrari prancing away with childish glee, surprising the bejesus out of Mercedes. Maranello rejoiced – the glory days were back? But, it was not written, so it was not read.


Ricciardo, as usual, disrupted the proceedings in China and thanks to Queen Luck, Hamilton’s season received a jump-start in Azerbaijan. At the Spanish GP, Hamilton was Thor, wielding wrath! He was Babe Ruth. He was Iron Mike in his prime. He was Boris Becker on grass. He was his only rival!

He slapped everyone out of the d… park. Vettel and the decimated pack found no solace. Exposed, defeat-destined wounds were treated with sulphuric acid! Lewis Hamilton -King of Spain.

I am concerned. We do not want Lewis Hamilton to renew his relationship with winning, at least not yet – they have a magnetic relationship! What we saw at Rounds 1 to 3 was consistent with what a thrilling, riveting year demands. The script was adjusted somewhat in China, but, in Spain, a shredder was employed.

Lewis Hamilton conquered the Spanish circuit, devoid of tangible threat. How was he able to mine the comfortable advantage and gap that he effortlessly maintained?

I am certain no effort was spared to overhaul Lewis’ advantage, but neither Ferrari nor Red Bull found the antidote. Mercedes sprinted to a well-deserved 1-2.

At Round 5, Lewis Hamilton enjoyed a cruise along the Spanish coastline escorted by the Spanish Armada. Did he break a sweat? His was a display of what the master can do when man, machine and track are locked in an intimate victory-chasing dance.

When Lewis Hamilton assumes this mode his only rival is luck. Ferrari has work to do. Will Ricciardo or Verstappen deliver a crushing blow?

The defending World Champion leads by more than a handful of points – 17. Please do not allow him to widen the points gap. Monaco, we wait.

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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