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Zinedine Zidane has found new respect in the book that I do not have. I am sure you are familiar with the saying – Quit while you are ahead. Nico Rosberg’s run to retirement was possibly quicker than his GP performances.

He did not wait until the bubbles disappeared from the champagne. He left  the F1 world in distraught confusion when he announced his retirement shortly after grabbing the World Championship. But, despite public opinion and interests, we all have our own dreams and desires and as such we should all aspire to do what pleases us the most.

Zidane, Real Madrid’s Manager, accomplished what few can lay claim to -  3 consecutive UEFA Champions League titles. The gentleman decided to exit the stage while at the summit of Everest. His retirement is another bold but profound move. His stock, I am certain has soared exponentially. There is a lesson to be learnt.

In a world which shouts free speech from every available platform, it is costing a few more than a pretty penny. Advice, maintain your personal views in your private domain – avoid social media and your bank account will remain laden with relevant notes!


My admiration for rallycross and World RX was never a kept secret. When we think of motorsports, somehow – speed, blended with skill, surgical technique and the occasional bruising, wrestling, fractious, contact -  manufacture the adrenaline rush we, like bees to nectar,  are hopelessly addicted to .

I never hesitate to intimate that rallycross is still a discipline in which real drivers race!


I wonder if I could get my hands on one of those machines to hurl it at Dover’s 1.6? Calling my wealthy uncle!

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