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World Cup 2018 will kick off in Russia in a few days. So, inorder to enhance the experience for their guests, Russians are being taught to smile! Have you ever heard of Laughter Yoga? LOL! Russia 2018!

In the city that was named after Mount Royal the championship battle flourished. Lewis Hamilton, the defending World Champion, I am certain, wanted to equal Schumacher’s tally of victories in Canada. Was destiny aware of his designs?


As I have stated earlier, Ferrari and Vettel dropped the title in 2017. Hamilton collected it with a child’s glee. I anticipated, in 2018, a redoubling of efforts to prevent a recurrence. Ferrari has collected a mixed, but, promising bag thus far.


Verstappen showed fierce pace during FP, but Vettel ignited during Qualifying and stole everybody’s thunder – Vetel P1 – Bottas and Verstasppen P2 and P3. Where was Hamilton?

Despite Rosberg’s cowardice (his abrupt retirement) I understood why it was necessary. He is a different and happier person today and his views re the drivers and the races provide insight we would not normally have.

As such, I listen intently. Rosberg’s analysis led him to select Vettel for both qualifying and the race win.

Vettel did not, like Lot’s wife, look back. The machine was evidently superior to what his opponents could offer. Are we seeing maturity from Verstappen? Did we see machismo from Bottas in his corner 1 joust with Verstappen? There is hope!

Vettel was dominant and he was justly rewarded – P1! Vettel’s victory and Hamilton’s off-the-podium finish meant that Vettel erased Hamilton’s lead to a single stroke – 1!

The championship is delicately poised – just how we want it!



How long will Vettel’s luck last? Will Hamilton bounce back?

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