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What is the world’s official language? If you have to think for more than 10 seconds you have failed the IQ test! Answer – FOOTBALL. Show me a country that is not speaking the language of football at present and I will show you a different planet!

The 2018 edition of FIFA’s World Cup Finals is overshadowing everything else that is happening globally, but we have learnt to coexist. Football reigns now, briefly, so we will respectfully allow the rabid fans space to lose their collective minds when their beloved teams – Argentina and company – fail to deliver the expected goals and the glory attached with victory.


At the Canadian GP, Nico Rosberg suggested that Mercedes was not firing on all cylinders because the bump in power, which was anticipated, did not materialise. It was somewhat evident on track that his view had substance.

The Mercs were not adorned in their usual potent attire. The same could not be said of Ferrari though. Ferrari was in full battle garb, running circles around the faltering competition.


Ferrari’s pace and Mercedes’ woes allowed Vettel to raid the barn, grab a victory and ease, only just, into the lead, with a single point advantage.

A closely fought battle we will never refuse, so we were anticipating fireworks in France. But from the outset it appeared as if Lewis got his groove back! AMG power was in the building and the defending champion blitzed his teammate and settled comfortably on pole. Vettel was not far behind – P3 – followed by the Red Bull boys.

The fact that Vettel had the championship-lead and had to fight from P3, meant that the start of the GP held even more significance. On game day, Lewis Hamilton travels with his poker face – ready to throw down! In France, the disappearing red lights gave the green light for the Lewis Hamilton show!

Who would catch Lewis Hamilton?

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