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When we refer to the ‘good old days’, the ‘glory days’ or ‘back in the day’ we are in no position to deter the refreshing atmosphere of heightened contentment attached to the stories. Some may not be old enough to refer to the good old days, but, experiences from the past which deliver a gratifying kick from pleasure’s left foot must be in an account in your memory bank!

Doug Gore’s ATL-era-built pit-bay triggers the aforementioned sensation. TA 1 was Thor’s anvil for the ‘King’. TA 1′s crunching blows led to Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore losing his star status – unacceptable to an individual who  is married to success.

With first-man, Adam’s assistance, Europe was plundered, a DTM machine snatched and Dover Raceway was flung into an  adrenaline-frenzy! When the grid assembled for the gladiatorial encounters between TA 1 and the DTM TT-R the ground shook with seismic anticipation – bucket-list ish!


I approached Doug Gore’s pit bay with reserved anticipation. The Kia-BEAST was not nestled in its lair, but a pleasant surprise sat in its space – Jamie James’ Evo. Jamie James is no newcomer to Dover Raceway, but the significance of what I saw cannot be overstated.

Windsor Young, the Jamwest family and the Westmoreland click were all in Doug Gore’s ATL-era-built pit bay! Space will not allow the love-hate Jamwest-JRDC-Dover tale to be chronicled here, so trust me when I tell you that an accomplishment of immeasurable proportion was evidenced by the presence of this team. There is more though – Alan Gordon – the essence of JAMWEST was also at Dover Raceway – rocking the ex-Doug Gore Evo X.

At a time when circuit racing’s resilience was being tested, my faith was renewed by the team from the West. Hailings Westmoreland!

It must have been by design. A day which began with distinct unease, one which intimated gloom, thanks to a discouraging parking lot, was bitten by rejuvenation as soon as I entered the paddock. Vibrant, productive, reassuring colours appeared throughout my paddock tour.

Kyle’s machine sat on its pompous perch, vainly displaying its gold heat shield – giving that McLaren F1 feel! Team ‘Turbo’ Anderson brought two Nismo hitmen to the Smokin’ Aces. One was in fine fettle – doing the damage on the 1.6 – but investigative duties were assigned to the other, it was wrestling a mechanical malady.


Sebastian Rae’s Honda was being readied for boost duties by the late Daryl King’s co-driver. We spoke briefly. I saw the Honda on track some time after – MACHINE!

Bmw’s M4 was in the building dressed in race attire! I quizzed the owner/driver – Richie. He had plans to harass the S55B3OTO and spread Bavaria’s love to the hillside. But, he was forced to revisit his not so carefully laid plans – denied – he had no competition license!


I skipped over to KFC for a Big Deal. Everyone knows that Wings’ machine is the sole purview of the Moodie clan. Correct? So why was Cory Walters busy in his usual vocal, hurried way, below the machine?

But, that is Cory for you – a competitor, a rival, but an available mechanic to everyone! Lol! Two of the Moodie brothers were doubling efforts to rescue Colin Daley’s machine.

Victor Brown was pensive, but ensured that Nigel Wilmot’s machine was ready. Nicholas ‘Tazz’ Barnes was still reliving his off-road excursion – absolute brake failure – not what he ordered at the drive through!

Using the West’s casual, humorous vernacular, he told the tale. Puzzled, I asked if the machine was not equipped with a hydraulic hand brake. He admitted that that was his saviour! I asked the team-member who was stationed at the right front wheel if the braking issue was addressed. Amidst the audible compliance of the cordless Dewalt impact wrench, he responded in the affirmative.

Monique’s voice disrupted the proceedings – IP machines were summoned to the grid.

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