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“Gentlemen, we will chase perfection and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But, along the way, we shall catch excellence” Words stated by Vince Lombardi Jr. Don’t know the man? You will be forgiven. Homework!

Drag racers who are serious about their endeavor are fully aware, more than anyone else, that meticulous preparation is the only training regime that they should subscribe to.


The Animal Kingdom, as stated in an earlier blog, is in turmoil. The creatures are at large, seeking to claim their rightful spot on superiority’s ladder. Ken T Racing, this weekend, at Jamwest Speedway, will provide the platform for the ‘Lizard’, the ‘Bear’, the ‘Puss’, the ‘Dragon’ and all others to settle their speed-infested dispute. Perfection will not be available, but excellence will surely determine the winner.

Dunrobin Avenue was the scene of bustling activity as it welcomed the early hours of Friday (Sept 28). A particular business owner should be brandishing a rather wide grin, motivated by $$$signs! Who said anything about a congregation of machines at the dyno? Information on the various media/messaging springboards confirm that the M.A.D.-boss was rather busy at his lab as well! Spies at work! Lol.

Truth be told, Drag Rivals III, is without doubt, the most anticipated¬† motorsport event to hit our shores since the introduction of Doug Gore’s DTM Audi TT-R to circuit racing’s Mecca, Dover Raceway, in the unpolluted hills of St Ann.


Ruel ‘Bally’ Barnett, aka the ‘Whale’, aka the ‘Bear’ is well known along the 1320. He is the brain/10-spanner behind several potent machines – Andrew Palmer. ‘Bally’ retains an awe-inspiring machine.

N/a’s instant delivery is his FD2-R’s ace in the deck, but his target et is an eel – slippery! The relentless pursuit of perfection has seen the rather heavy machine enduring treks to the gym! The machine is now Playboy-bunny weightless!

An upgraded intake manifold has found a home on the R. The machine now boasts trumpets the size of a sewer main! Will we finally see the 11 seconds pass? 10 seconds?


According to ‘Bally’ “The car has had a lot of issues in the past. I hope to deliver a car performing at its full potential.” Sunday is hours away! Step up ‘Bally’!


Jordane ‘Drigzy’ Ellis has not lost sight of his mission. Toyota Starlets are not as omnipresent as Hondas on the 1320. But, that has never deterred the ‘Dragon’! An almost 600 whp machine commands respect and ‘Drigzy’ has the timeslip to silence insolence.

‘Drigzy’ is in search of a 10.0 pass. Will it be realised on Sunday? A 9 seconds pass? His cheerleader – wife – will be hysterical!

I cannot recall seeing so many heavy-hitters eager to dismantle the opposition. Pick a number -cashpot Рno Roland Рnot your et -  400, 500, 600, 700, 800 whp machines Рthe dyno has felt their wrath and they will be present at Jamwest to exorcise any demon that sits in the competitor-lane! It will be war! Roland, please, be prepared, your performance will determine if a dental visit lies in your future!

Ever heard the phrase – A September to remember! Speed, like an exotic flower, on Sunday, will unfurl and render you a hopeless disciple. You will willingly become a victim of its captivating charm! Boost? Present! Nitrous? Present! N/a? Present and ready to obliterate boost! The ‘Sheep’ will be in the building!

Is it true that a certain 1200 whp machine will terminate the ‘Sheep’? Ken T….. trust no one! Lol.


Excellence will be on show! Drag Rivals III – Sunday September 30, Jamwest Speedway!

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