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Forensic digital science? A washing machine acting on orders given from a cell-phone played an integral part in solving a crime recently. Technology at work!

There were several scenarios advanced which would have seen Lewis Hamilton driving away with his fifth grab of the Drivers’ World Championship. Basically, if Lewis snatched a bag a points (patois) we would have seen the championship-winning T-shirts! Trust me, they had them at the track! Lol.

Apparently Vettel was not comfortable with Hamilton’s significant advantage. Vettel, just being himself, ran afoul of the regulations and earned a grid-penalty for the race. Hamilton executed his – I am the best at this – routine and revved to pole.

Vettel’s penalty ditched him to P5. Kimi, Bottas and Ricciardo, separated the main protagonists.

Kimi travels with a ‘hit or miss’ bag. The world knows he can deliver superb performances. But, he rarely delivers and possibly for that reason, he was booted from the Ferrari seat for 2019.


On Sunday, in Austin, Kimi selected – WIN – on the machine’s geek-squad-built steering and from the moment he wrestled P1 from Lewis Hamilton, seconds after the red lights engaged absence, it was evident that the correct Kimi reported for duty.

It is true that his machine was wearing the quicker rubber when the race began, but the abundance of evidence throughout the race, argues with conviction, that Kimi’s drive in Austin made a stout case for one of his best performances ever.

Hamilton and Mercedes were caught napping and even when they tried to alter their strategy, Kimi was a disease for which no cure could be found.

The fact that Kimi, on a one-stop strategy – Hamilton opted for two-stops – defended well, maintained his composure and survived several raids from a charging Hamilton, his performance demonstrated that somewhere, deeply concealed, maybe, an exceptional driver was still present.


Vettel? Vettel was Inception-deep in his 2018 nightmare. Grid-penalty applied, the German was forced to bully his way forward. But, again, Vettel’s puerile approach gave rise to an encounter with Ricciardo – Ricciardo – 1 – Vettel – 0!

The 4-times World Champion – and we question the extent to which his Red Bull-Renault machine contributed to his dominance at that time – rallied, however and secured P4.

The driver of the race debate, dependent on your vantage point, brings 2 drivers to the fore. Kimi’s drive was calculated and brilliant. Verstappen’s drive was suspenseful grit on display – discarding the mighty Lewis in the process – P2!

I would love to see Verstappen in a machine with a legitimate chance of winning the championship.


The title fight continues in Mexico!

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