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At the Italian GP, if Vettel and Ferrari were able to reproduce the dominance displayed in Belgium, chances are the Tifosi, at present, would be invading Europe with unrestricted glee! But, the baton which started falling in Germany was never really caught.

And whatever transpired in Belgium, possibly sent Lewis to a mental hell where he battled relentlessly and secured that which makes him, without doubt, a F16 in a fleet of single-engined Cessna aeroplanes!

Lewis, despite being humiliated and maimed by brutal speed at Spa, emerged in Italy, a demon for which Ferrari exorcists had no ritual. It is said that we are created equal – Lewis Hamilton might be evidence that Thomas Jefferson was wrong!

In 2018, the imbalance between the two multiple world champions, could be seen from a distance of 1.6 km, by two blind individuals, sitting in a dark room, at midnight!

Each time Vettel dived in the pool infested with errors and points-nabbing sharks, Lewis, like coffee’s favorite companion, cream, rose to the surface and accepted P1.


Incidentally an eye-opener appeared. The gap between The Big 3 and the others on the grid is a giant’s yawn. Lewis Hamilton and Vettel had moments when they found themselves mired at the back of the pack of wolves.

But, wrestle they would and almost effortlessly, when the checkered flag did its dancing wave they would emerge in the top portion of the points haul. Interesting. Are the other teams solely present for a head count?

So, congratulations are in order for the 2018 and now 5-times World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, But the tyrannical dominance shown in 2018 – especially after the summer break -  was, without doubt, aided by Vettel’s propensity to disable his own prospects.

Having said that, forget being politically correct and discard diplomacy – Should Lewis Hamilton publicly thank Vettel?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. John McFarlane says:

    Lewis Hamilton should acknowledge and recognise the strong competition given by Vettel, but in the end, he persevered and succeeded in doing what they all desired – placing first overall. So, acknowledge, yes, thank, no.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Hailings John! I see you are quite a diplomat. If political correctness is your cup of mint tea I will not protest! So, acknowledge but no thank you? I will take one more step – acknowledge publicly and say thank you privately! Lol.

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