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It is said that 450 hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute! Staggering statistic. You can definitely immerse yourself in some good YouTube content when leisure is your topic of the day.

I have stated it repeatedly that rallysport drivers are arguably the best drivers on the third planet from the sun. The weather is never a factor in determining if they will jump in their ultra-exotic machines and romp with  extensive glee. So while other disciplines hibernate, the WRC will hit mixed surfaces in a couple of days.

This year – 2019 – promises intrigue beyond measure. Multiple and current world champion Ogier parted ways with M-Sport and is now repping Citroen TOTAL. Ogier is the current version of Loeb, he does not know how to lose, he has won more titles than Elizabeth Taylor had husbands!


But wait, Loeb will be hammering a Hyundai SHELL Mobis machine in 2019. He will be an inspiration for the drivers in that team. Kris Meeke, who was discarded by Citroen has returned to the WRC fold with Makinen’s Toyota Gazoo outfit.

I am certain he wants to serve a slice of humble pie to the team that rejected him. He has a propensity for inflicting damage to his machines though, so hopefully, with Tommi’s guidance, he will restrain his penchant for destruction and deliver on his obvious potential.


There is something about Hyundai’s I20. I cannot put my finger on it, but, Thierry Neuville surely knows how to put his foot in it – flat! Thierry Neuville was wrestling for the title in 2018 and narrowly missed the mark. His resolve and determination, I suspect, are at full-boost now, so expect fireworks.

The machines had their trek along the runway recently – they were unveiled. The bright lights and cameras have disappeared. What remains is the thick, quiet contemplation before the chronic assault on the WRC’s first set of multifaceted, complex Stages!

Each team, each driver is seeking to make their rampaging intent and victory-grabbing stance clear from the first Stage. Victory is the sole goal. The journey begins January 24th!

The question remains though – Who will win Rally Monte Carlo 2019?



Wait, there is more – Ken-T and his band of drag racers are in get-tuned-and-ready mode. Their war – DRAG RIVALS -  will be waged at Jamwest on Sunday Jan 27th! Stay tuned!

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