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Irony of 2019 thus far – with all the appropriate levels of respect observed, but Wendy Williams is requesting privacy. Ok.

I do not own a Toyota Supra, but I am fully aware of its iconic status. The machine exemplified JDM. The motor hidden in the belly of the beast is a founding father and lifetime member of the Engine Hall of Fame.

Drag racers worldwide will, without coercion, recant, with memories of Titan Motorsports prominent, why the Toyota Supra was an irrepressible giant among dwarfs on the import drag racing scene.

So, when it became clear that the machine’s life was being prolonged, with a new, modern iteration, Supra disciples erupted in tumultuous waves of spontaneous pleasure!

I must admit that my curiosity breached the upper limit of its nonexistent threshold. But, I was willing to wait and see.


Then I learnt of Toyota’s marriage to BMW to produce the machine. Discomfort arrived. Not based on the fact that BMW was present.

On the contrary, McLaren’s F1 would encourage such a union. It is my myopic view that the move weakened Toyota’s status. Toyota has a Motorsport arm.

Surely, Japan’s finest could raid an abandoned warehouse and produce a cyber-Supra which would deliver Armageddon!

Well, Toyota chose the outsourcing route. When the machine was finally revealed recently it produced more debate than that which currently obtains re Brexit!

The jury will remain – out. The machine may be said to be lacking ‘iron’, a mere 300+ horses in a 2019 world where 500+horsepower machines are commonplace.

The Shelby GT 500 was undressed at the same event – 700+ horsepower + cornering ability!! Lol.


Will we see the Supra on a track anytime soon? Of course we will! JDM fanatics will deliver on their side of the bargain!

Is the new Supra a wimp? What a joy it would have been if the orchestra that resided in the LFA was reassigned to the Supra!!

Give me Porsche GT3 RS power everyday of the week and I will generate Pacific-wide grins for anyone who observes the assault!


What do you think?

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  1. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Adrian! Were you impressed or disappointed with the new Supra?

  2. C Williams says:

    Verdict still out/too early to tell. Let’s see it in action.

  3. cmunroe says:

    Hailings Carl! I concur that it is way too early to arrive at any conclusion. But, based on what you have seen or read – were you impressed? You must have an opinion. Lol.

    Supra enthusiasts will rejoice in the fact that the Supra will return to the Super GT series and it is interesting to note that, the engine in the road going unit – adopted from BMW – will not be what powers the Supra when it steps to the grid. What do you think about that?

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