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So, the pale, red Starlet consulted all of its four minute cylinders and readied itself for its gargantuan challenge – an Evo.

On any other day the Evo would be a sure bet, but Nitrous Vendetta was not an event for ordinary machines. On the contrary, it was an event for barbaric machines! And an arsenal of those machines were ripping the thoroughly prepared surface at Jamwest.

The Evo did not stand a chance. It was slaughtered by the son of a man who ignited fear in the 11 seconds class years ago. Have you ever heard of ”Spi’?  Coincidentally, I saw  ‘Spi’ Rhone moments after his son disfigured the Evo. Amidst laughter he said “A di first thing mi see as mi  reach!”

Unfortunately, it was that type of day for a squad of Evos. How often do you see a Honda  ridiculing an Evo? At Nitrous Vendetta that scenario was more common than vendors on Orange Street!

The humiliation was so pervasive a Honda was even used to tow a dead Evo! As stated earlier, the norm did not exist at Jamwest on January 27th. It was as if all the frankenstein builds decided to roll out and kick a..! Lol!

A Nissan GTR R35 is by any account, an awesome machine. With an obese bank account you can purchase and then drive an 11 or 10 seconds machine. Amazing, isn’t it?

At Nitrous Vendetta there was not one, but two rather rapid GTRs. They would sidestep the water lesser machines required for burnout purposes, creep to the ‘tree’, select -RACE- the silent crescendo would build and like money in a female’s purse when she is in her favourite store, the machine would WWWHHHOOSSHH – vanish! Eleven or ten seconds later, it would reappear, claiming another astounding victory.

But, bank accounts do not determine victors. I saw ‘Slim Tune’ earlier during the day. I spoke to him and took a few pics of his N/A reptile. ‘Slim Tune’ a.k.a” ‘Toda’ was particularly busy ensuring that the event had a seamless flow. But, unlike Ken-T and Robert, ‘Slim Tune’ had murder on his mind!

‘Slim Tune’s’ machine was war-ready. The N/A reptile had a date with destiny – the GTR! The temperature at Jamwest Speedway soared! Was it Global Warming? Climate change?

The guards at the entrance gates did not know what they released when they allowed the two machines – Slim Tune’s Honda and the R35 GTR to approach the ‘ tree’. Emotions were in a state of absolute panic. Shouts, signalling unrestrained excitement were omnipresent!

And then ‘Slim Tune’, creeping towards the ‘tree’, stopped – out came the lap-top for a ‘Murder GTR’ program! Did I say pandemonium? Multiply that by 1000!

We all heard and saw, but we were in disbelief. We were all left wondering if the GTR engaged reverse! When the N/A reptile left the line, the all wheel drive GTR was left for dead, clutching, trying to cling to an excessively elusive streak of white light – a disappearing white Honda!

It was stated earlier. It will be stated again. barbaric machines were at Nitrous Vendetta!

I cannot depart before mentioning a certain 240 SX. CRAZY MACHINE!

Yes. In Part 3. Lol!

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  1. Las Latty says:

    Way back in early 1960s …whilst living in NYC…I became part of the Ramcharger Club…funded by Chrysler Corp. I had a Plymouth Fury Hemi and competed in SSA class all along the Eastern seaboard for 4 years…against guys like Hayden Profitt who was the National Champion at the time (total race career approximately 150 races ..over100 wins). It was some some wonderful memories..hope to catch some of the scene down here as I am now retired and living in Mobay.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Las-Latty! The motorsport scene here is fairly active. And you are in the city that has an army of very skillful drivers. The next drag racing event is scheduled for Jamwest in Little London – less than 2 hours from Mobay. You will not be disappointed!

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