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Is cryptocurrency dead? Unfortunately, the currency’s father passed away. The currency’s future is now a minefield of uncertainty! Think about this. Why do you look back when you are walking away from your parked vehicle?

Approaching Mandeville on Sunday, January 27th, the sky wore a minute frown. The clouds reacted with subtle dark-grey complicit blobs. I was perturbed. Ken -T Racing’s attempt to successfully stage a drag racing event, has felt Lady Weather’s wrath in the past. I was hoping that a recurrence was not on the table.

We are fully aware that despite their inherent differences drag racing and cricket have arrived at common ground – rain – no play!


Ken -T Racing, deserves much more credit that that which is provided by our cell-phone providers! Why? Ken-T Racing has accomplished what no other drag racing organizing body, to date, has accomplished – they have an inclusive business model. Read more.

The drag racers, who are the competitors, are also peers on a specific platform, sharing knowledge, exchanging stories and essentially constructing a bond, which not only unites them, but also enhances, heightens and hoists the momentum for future events.

Return to script. Thankfully, as I exited Manchester and met magnificent St Elizabeth, the melancholic clouds disappeared and left a path for sunshine to sow seeds which would germinate speed on the 1320!


I was immersed in hopeful expectation and entering Jamwest Speedway an hour and half later, the immediate sights and sounds prompted an internal celebration.

It did not take long for the characters I met and read as names and phone numbers on a daily basis, to take the shape, form and appearance of actual human beings, pining for the opportunity to prove to their colleagues, rivals and fans that they could ‘back up their chat’ with an e.t. consistent with their machines output. Put up or shut up was in full effect.


I spoke to Roland Crawford. I had to. I observed numerous battle-beasts. I ogled a few award-deserving builds and simply inhaled the atmosphere that speed built. Jamwest Speedway is indeed a fabulous facility and we are thankful for its existence. All hail Mr Gordon!

But, we were there for one thing and that one thing flowed with relentless consistency. Ken -T Racing kept the ball rolling, devoid of hiccups and lengthy delays. They should be commended.


On track, Sir Gary Hurlock – who sparked more interest than Buju’s long awaited concert, ignited a furious debate by blasting a 13.1 pass in his innocuous Corolla. I had no choice. I was compelled to speak to the ZED ZED Boss.

I listened intently to his words. I learnt. Unfortunately, Mr Hurlock did not deliver as expected during eliminations, but his machine deserves a special award! Is it true that the ZZ Boss made more passes along the 1320 than any other driver?

Under normal circumstances, I would have had the liberty to roam and make mental notes, but at Nitrous Vendetta, once eliminations began, the silky smooth flow of events and the frantic, robust encounters which ripped along the 1320, kept the adrenaline buzz at fever pitch.

At Nitrous Vendetta the status quo/the norm was caught in a bucket and vigorously discarded. Incomprehensible feats of speed were on display each time two machines addressed the ‘tree’. We watched as a docile, pale, red Toyota Starlet, driven by Lancelot Rhone gathered itself and settled to do battle with Mitsubishi’s giant – an Evo.

Who do you think won?

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