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Japan is the birthplace of the motorsport discipline we know as Time Attack and the iconic Tsukuba race-track is its home. We have seen the videos, we know the famous proponents. Nobuteru Taniguchi and Under Suzuki are names and faces we embrace like family.

Improvements in performance products, crazy-glue tire development and other factors, have contributed to lap times being confined to a dramatic time-reduction program! Years ago, breaking the 1 minute barrier was a first-step-on-the-moon moment. Now, machines in stock trim, with a moderate tune and a set of Advan A050 can rip that time without harassing the coolant!

Time attack has come a long way and in the 2019 edition of the race against time at Tsukuba Circuit, jaw-dropping moments were served like an entree! Tsukuba is in Japan – duh! The time attack event held at Tsukuba provides a platform for Japanese tuners and enthusiasts to lay their cards on the table and exhibit their abilities using the most vocal of expressions – irrepressible speed.

At the 2019 edition of the torque-shifting event, 2 foreigners made the trip. Their performance had the same impact the A-bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima had!



Eight hundred wheel horsepower? Mental machines! A F1 machine has how much horsepower? Lol….crazy. The ASLAN EG though. With significantly less horsepower, a N/A platform and a H-pattern gearbox, the machine slaughters GTRs and others with an enviable pharmacy of speed! Machine!


Sir William has spoken. How will Japan respond?

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