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The wait is over. Charlie Whiting’s transition introduced a grey cloud, as it should. His impact on the sport was immense and he is referred to in respectful tones. It is said that his approach and demeanor were appreciated by all. Drive well Charlie!

The 2018 season will be fondly remembered by Mercedes-AMG Petronas stakeholders. The same season will incite a bout of despair and intense dejection whenever a debate arises in a Ferrari-dominated garage.

No rational mind can unearth a salient reason why Maranello was not lit with effervescent celebrations to mark their reign at the top. One individual ensured that even when Ferrari’s equipment guaranteed success, he would inexplicably lead them along a path of imminent defeat. And that he did, with aplomb! Scuderia’s #1 – Vettel – imploded.

A head has rolled. Vettel is back. The machine is still wrapped in supreme performance and appears to wield a minute advantage. We will agree that pre-season testing tells no true tale and as such, valid conclusions should be postponed.

In Australia this weekend, some cards from the deck will be revealed. The season-opener will retain no secrets. The chase for victory will not reward the pretenders. Instead it will glorify those who are willing to push the pedal beyond the metal/carbon fiber and employ shrewd race-craft to secure a maximum points-haul.

It is my view, that despite the mind-games being played, the dominant teams will remain unchanged. I am also expecting, however, surprises re the performance of a few drivers and teams when the’big guns’ relax a bit.

Vettel’s mental fortitude, we know is a glass case- rather fragile and when prompted, he is prone to display idiocy. How will he react to the ambitions of his new team-mate? Has he learnt how to subdue Hamilton?


The current World Champion – Lewis ‘The Indomitable’ Hamilton is at his best when a rock and a hard place offer residence. Count him out and you will regret it. Vettel is now fully aware of the measure of the man. Is Lewis still hungry?


Verstappen is now #1 at Red Bull. How will this affect his approach to the races? We hope he is emboldened to attack without restraint! Ricciardo will be forced to realign his goals. What was he offered? Not important now, I know, but. His interviews are not reassuring.Will he deliver any magic at Renault? Leclerc, Leclerc. He may be the dark horse in the mix. I do not anticipate any extraordinary scenario with Bottas. Sad.


Alfa Romeo is present on the grid in 2019. History favors the marque. Will Raikkonen ignite a firestorm with furious race-raids? Is it far-fetched to think that Raikkonen can manufacture a podium finish?

Interesting hours are ahead. As the weekend unfolds, we will be in a better position to see who made the astute and fast moves during the winter.

Will this be Vettel’s redemption year? Will Lewis Hamilton extend his greatness? Will Verstappen force the ‘big two’ to place second and third best? Will Leclerc begin the insurrection in Australia and upstage the 4-times World Champion?

If you suffer from drama-addiction. If you are genetically linked to the technology-dripping winged-warriors of Formula 1, Australia, this weekend, provides a balcony for you to see what the all-inclusive resort will provide in 2019!


Bold enough to choose a winner?

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