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Australia was marked by several ‘scratch-your-head’ moments. What happened to Ferrari? The new Bottas? Ferrari ? Team orders in Round 1?

The pre-season images were submitted to the lab. They were developed and dispersed for Round 2, but with a significant twist. Leclerc was aboard the faster Ferrari – grabbing pole in the process. Leclerc was not finished though.

He slipped at the start, lost the lead, subsequently recovered and mauled the pack with scarlet fury! Fate, apparently had a lesson to teach though. Leclerc was callously robbed of victory by glitches in Ferrari’s rather rapid matrix.

Leclerc’s machine was reduced to a parading canter, but, he survived and snatched third. Leclerc’s pain was Hamilton’s pleasure – the defending World Champion eased into P1 and hauled the massive points-net.

Lewis Hamilton is no fool though and the signs he saw did not stimulate the confidence he usually exudes. Keen observers of the sport would have noticed a few game-changing things as well.

Let us deal with Vetttel first. Vettel is Hamilton’s beating stick, even when Vettel’s machine is superior. Vettel’s propensity to manufacture his own defeat was illuminated, again, in Bahrain. Nothing new there.

We were hoping that the new and improved Bottas would have taken the flight from Australia. He did not show up in Bahrain. Surprised?

In Leclerc, Ferrari might finally have that single ingredient that was missing from the winning formula. It should have been delivered by Vettel, but that story, we know. Lol.


In Leclerc, Hamilton has an opponent who is not threatened by the big stage. On the contrary, that is where he does his best work – threatening his ‘superior’ team-mate at Round 1, exceeding his team-mate’s performance during qualifying, overtaking him on-track at Round 2 and then disappearing in search of the checkered flag!

And if that was not enough Mercedes AMG was served ample portions of Leclerc’s wrath. He shunned Hamilton’s early approach at Round 2, then manhandled and shoved Bottas aside to gain a spot.

It is obvious that Leclerc will not be intimidated. He will not play second fiddle. If Scuderia Ferrari can maintain the gains the team has found and provide Leclerc with a machine electrifying enough to wage, at minimum, an equal war with Mercedes, Vettel can kiss #1 driver a long goodbye and Mission Winning will be the new mantra – emblazoned on all the outfits!

Enhanced eyesight is not required here. Toto Wolff’s poorly masked facial expression said it, louder than a town crier could – Lewis Hamilton is in serious trouble! And he (Lewis ) knows! Lol,

China? This weekend. What will you bring?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. Lewis and Mercedes Benz are ready for all comers.

  2. MJ says:

    Lewis in trouble?? If you had said Mercedes in trouble i would have agree wholeheartedly, even Vettel for that matter. The thing with F1 is that the car you had this week, will not suit a track the following week.

    Other than the hiccup in Australia, Ferrari seems to have found back the formula, however, I expect Mercedes to be be going through simulators, crunching the numbers to try and find the right configuration for their car. I await China, it will provide good racing conditions and i expect a dog fight.

  3. cmunroe says:

    MJ, would you agree that the team provides the equipment and then the driver hops in and does the dirty work to claim the championship? We cannot separate the driver from the team. If we understand the inner workings of F1, it means we understand that your skill level could surpass that which was given to Senna, but, if you do not sit in one of the ‘name-brand’ machines, you will be be locked in a mid-pack battle, fighting for crumbs! Read Ricciardo. Lol.

    My point speaks to – both machines on par with inherent advantages at different tracks – but with Leclerc behind the wheel, Lewis will have no walk in the park, as he has had with adolescent, emotionally unstable Vettel. If the machines are within reach of each other and F1 gods forbid – the Ferrari maintains a performance advantage – for the first time, since 2016, Lewis will have an Everest of a challenge!
    China GP will be interesting!

  4. cmunroe says:

    Sir Haughton, I advise caution. Mr. Wolff’s face did not scream confidence at the end of the Bahrain GP. As sly as a Wolff, the saying goes, but, I will argue that, that Wolff, at the end of the Bahrain GP was scared!

  5. MJ says:

    After quali today, what are your thoughts? Mercedes are 1-2 on the grid for tomorrow with Ferrari 3-4. I think Hamilton will be gunning to get a good start and fight to the first corner.

  6. cmunroe says:

    MJ, this is further evidence that this the 2019 season continues to be the enthralling buffet that we truly deserve. Nico Rosberg gave some insight into the new start procedure for the 2019 machines. I expect fireworks and do not be surprised if the winner emerges from the second row!! Lol

  7. MJ says:

    Hmmm, well I wouldn’t call myself a prophet, but what a call. Hamilton dashes to the first corner and takes the win. Great racing, I await your article on the race.

  8. cmunroe says:

    MJ, just Lewis being himself – a real champion – unlike………

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