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Asafa Powell was the dominant force in the 100m. He was the sub-10 king. But, somehow when the mega-moments appeared – World Championships and the Olympics – Asafa did a disappearing act and Jamaicans dived into despair. Usain Bolt emerged  and delivered repeatedly.


Ferrari, to Italians, is not an automaker. Ferrari is life. The marque has an immovable fan-base, that retains the view that Ferrari has a divine right to win races and by extension, championships. It was felt that Vettel, a multiple World Champion, would deliver what Ferrari yearns for at present – victories and championships. But, ever so often, Vettel reveals an inexplicable capacity to secure failure.

At the Belgian GP, Leclerc emerged from Vettel’s shadow and claimed his first victory. At the 2018 edition of the Italian GP, Lewis Hamilton mauled the Ferrari drivers and stole victory. He attempted to repeat the feat recently but, he had a  new foe – Leclerc.

The Italian GP – 2019 – saw an epic duel between Leclerc and Hamilton. Hamilton was determined and forceful. Leclerc remained sure-footed  and feisty. Tenacity and blatant defiance were his tools. And possibly motivated by the rabid Tifosi, Leclerc was a visual expression of – never yield. Leclerc won the GP.

The victory was significant for several reasons. We do not need to explore the implications of the victory. The  scenes at the track showed what it meant to the Tifosi . When Ferrari wins in Italy, the world is a better place. Lol!


In Charles Leclerc, Ferrari has found their hero.

Can he (Leclerc) complete the hat-trick in Singapore? Can Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes AMG squad put an end to Leclerc’s meteoric rise?

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