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Gary ‘Bossy D’ Hurlock is now a household name in Westmoreland’s drag racing circles. If you have never heard of him, this is your introduction to an individual who is embraced by all in the paddock.

Bossy D’s machine is not the most powerful machine at the track. It is definitely not the fastest in the paddock and truth be told he might not collect P1 – P3 honors. But, ‘Bossy D’ advertises qualities that can neither be bought, sold nor traded.

‘Bossy D’ wields immeasurable personality, a 200 shot of genuine ‘na-tek-nu-chat’ Jamaican confidence and immense charisma. If you are in doubt re the popularity of the character who is ‘Bossy D’, just listen the effervescent crowd at Jamwest when his machine rolls out to the’tree’.

Drag Rivals 5 will touch down at Jamwest next weekend – November 23 – 24. 876 Streets made a link with ‘Bossy D’ recently.


In less than 30 minutes Bossy D’s passion for the sport was blatantly evident and he did not hesitate to salute the individuals who he considered foundation. Big up u …. self ‘Bossy D’!

‘Bossy D’ will be at Drag Rivals 5 demonstrating why he says – “Nu ramp wid d Zed!”

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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