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Merry Christmas everyone! We wish you all only that which is worthwhile, prosperous and gratifying! I am fortunate. I was a part of an interesting discourse re Hamilton’s greatness and whether he is, at present, over-rated or not. As such we say thanks to Ricardo, Leon, Franz, Turbomar, Errol and Reticent for their invaluable contribution. There is no doubt that we are witnessing a F1 legend in action each time Hamilton suits-up – hue being totally irrelevant! I had to insert that. Lol!

Hamilton gives everything when he jumps in  his Merc – we saw races where he played an integral role in strategy while on the track etc -  and he relishes competition. In my view, he is at his absolute best when he is under attack. And maybe, for that very reason, I would appreciate it if the other teams on the grid get their act together each race weekend. We, the fans would benefit immensely.

In 2019, as he did in 2018, Hamilton was forced to dig. He unearthed another title and he proved, yet again, that greatness is his residence!


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4 Responses to “F1 : HAMILTON CHASING THE G.O.A.T.!”

  1. Michael says:

    Hamilton is given the tools to do the job. He has executed using those tools. Some may argue that it is the car why he is winning. His team-mate has the same car without the same outcome on a regular basis. Therefore, it is up to Red Bull, Ferrari and the rest to step up even further, to stop Hamilton and the Benz with the team doing a excellent job throughout the season..

  2. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Michael! The car plays a significant role in all things F1 – we know this. Bottas, 2019 has shown is not at Hamilton’s level. Did Rosberg flee because he was not willing to undergo the trauma Hamilton delivers? Lol. What needs to be done to get Ferrari and the others to wage a consistent battle?

  3. Carl says:

    Hamilton is a rounded genius as has been repeatedly demonstrated: He gives credit where credit is due and even where it is only a little due. Being a skillful and genuine diplomat, it is always a pleasure hearing him prioritising the contribution his team members make to his success, and it is also quite pleasing to hear him acknowledging the joy his supporters/fans give him. Yet, we know that he expects equally best package/strategy for he and his racing partner, on each race day, so he can deliver his best for the team and the fans.

  4. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Carl. Who is your driver on the grid? Why? Do you foresee any serious challenge to Hamilton’s dominance in 2020?

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