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JRDC – we are watching you.

The idea of being on a cruise ship for an extended stay would normally be viewed with euphoric delight. Unfortunately, the coronavirus adheres to no compassionate script – passengers aboard a cruise ship in Japan are still enduring latent imprisonment courtesy of the virus.


Norway is planning a ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2025! Are we ready to plug in our phones and cars when we go to bed? Tesla Model X recall? Are we ready to go all electric? Its coming! Electrocution?

When you hear, think, read or see the lettersĀ  GTR – which manufacturer hits you first? Nissan? Ok. But, what is in a name though? Only Godzilla!

Pardon the confusion, if it existed. Another manufacturer has dived into the GTR-jungle and the beast it has introduced is not only confronting Godzilla, it is orchestrating a coup!


Was bias being shown? Did you concur with the findings of the Japanese ‘experts’? If you had a choice – which machine would you bring to the track?

I would choose the GTR!

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