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The coronavirus is disobeying the red flag. And to add insult to the obvious injury it projects, the end is apparently nowhere in sight (at least for the next few months). Europe is buckling under the impact of the disease. Italy is in a bad way. China has seen the worst, a return to normalcy may be within reach.

As stated previously, we are in foreign territory with no precedent-template to navigate from. Cool heads, social distancing and thoughtful, selfless behavior comprise the recipe which we must adhere to.


Just when we thought everything was looking up and we were anticipating – as soon as COVID-19 grabs the EXIT door -  the Vision 2020 revolution to unfurl in a dazzling combustion-led blaze of glory, stimulated by packed spectator stands and laden grids, armed with supersonic artillery, the JRDC has successfully orchestrated an implosion from within its executive branch.

Vision 2020 ‘founder’ walked away? The disappointment generated is gargantuan. The members are mortified! Hope? Which hope? Hope River? We watch. We wait. Sanity is now on the missing list.

Who will lead the intervention. The members were misled? Boardroom politics at play? Members of the previous board enjoying the last laugh? Can anyone save the JRDC from itself?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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