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We always knew, but, it was never confirmed. No credible source offered insight, until recently. If what Stephen Gunter stated in a recent chat session with 876 Streets is accurate, the possibility that we will see this orgy of explosive speed in action, at anytime in the foreseeable future, is a tear-enhancing zero!

Should we accept that we will not see the dynamic duo, adorned in TOTAL red and white battle fatigues, on the platform on which it mutilated the rebellious goons and settled the – Who is the King debate?


If you saw the pair in race-mode, you will share our consternation. If you missed their marauding exploits, you are an incomplete human being ! Lol ! Stephen Gunter has advanced that no one loved the machine – TA-1 – more than he did. I would advise him not to repeat that view publicly, without a security detail.

I am willing to bet him that if we had an instrument which we could access and use to measure love for an inanimate object, he would have a frightening awakening. I have a habit of walking to various areas at Dover on race-day, to see what is happening, listen to fans and at times, simply to observe the races from a different vantage point.

I will share this. Some of the most enthusiastic fans at Dover, on any given day, are assembled under the huge, rainforest-like, massive tree, to the right of the main entrance. The cost to enter may pose a real challenge, but, from that spot – at one of the most thrilling sections of the 1.6, heaven is on Earth for them. And to watch them as they explode with unrestrained delight as their driver and machine appear – priceless.

When you listen to fans speak, comment or react to the driver and his rod of speed, I will humbly submit that Stephen Gunter is unaware of the extent to which fans adore and love the machine.

It is with regret that we will admit that we have no choice in the matter. But, we are fortunate and grateful that modern technology allows us to relive, repeatedly, Thor and Mjolnir at work.


Much respect to Dayne ‘Stoppa’ Cork for the footage. Hailings ‘Stoppa’ !

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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