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Hamilton is not the rum bar, but, he is without a doubt, the bar by which excellence in F1 is currently judged. Do you want to be ‘the man’? Are you planning to win the championship ? If and when you have successfully surmounted the myriad challenges success in F1 hurls into the mix, your final hurdle – the six-times World Champion – Lewis Hamilton may be your most arduous task.

Concern was expressed on these pages, questioning if the reigning World Champion was distracted. His first round stumble provided the evidence for the raised eye brow. But, Hamilton is best when confronted with stern opposition and when his most obvious threat is his team mate he transforms to acidic, viscous, explosive lava! Ask Nico Rosberg. Lol.

Hamilton’s response was terse and callous. He employed physical distancing protocols and separated himself from the grid. He was dominant. He sped to uninhibited victory at the Styrian GP

The party has already began in Hungary. What should we expect this weekend? Will the Mercedes AMG dynasty extend its dominance? Will Bottas retaliate and stun his team mate? Will that ever happen? Should we look for a nonracial but dark horse?

Scuderia Ferrari is on the verge of becoming the source of laughter for the paddock. Their multiple, but erratic world champion-Vettel and their exuberant upstart – Leclerc – came to wheel-blows on-track, slaughtering their chances in the process of posing a clear and present danger to Mercedes AMG. Who wants success more? Leclerc or Vettel? Will we see a reinvigorated duo, unified and charging after Mercedes AMG?

Maranello does not need much time to arrive at solutions for the sewer in which it finds itself. Red Bull and Verstappen are poised to fill the yawning gap between Ferrari and Merceds AMG. Will Verstappen win in Hungary?

McLaren must be reveling in their recently unearthed fortune. Norris has reaped valuable fruit at both GPs thus far. Should we expect him to capsize the apple cart? Verstappen’s team mate, Albon narrowly missed his first F1 victory at Round 1 – denied by Hamilton’s intervention. How will he perform in Hungary?

The Hungarian GP boasts a bowl of promise and an additional element was inserted in the mix – rain. Will it rain during the Hungarian GP? I honestly hope it does because rain sweetens the racing pot!

Who will be on pole? Who will win the race? The Hungarian GP is next!

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