Sassy, Sexy & Sixty!

This weekend I heard too many ladies make too many statements about ‘how they are ‘getting on’ in other words aging … or when I was young I could have done that.

It’s time to stop.

I did expect to hear some of this when I went to the reunion but not all the time.

Perhaps now that I live in sunnier climes for part of the year I have a sunnier disposition.  No that’s not true… I find inspiration for how my future can be from a number of older ladies that are still sassy and sexy.

Above is a selection of fabulous ladies that are still looking amazing at 60 and over. It just goes to show style never goes out of fashion!

The style, individualism, ‘fabulousness’ and sex appeal of these ladies has nothing to do with their current age but most definitely their attitude to life.

Let me know your thoughts. Have I missed someone you think is a ‘must have’?

Lata Shaz

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  2. Antique Ring says:

    I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks! Regards, P.

  3. Viday2 says:

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  9. Maybe you could change the page subject title Fashion » Sassy, Sexy & Sixty! : A Jamaica Gleaner Blog to more better for your subject you create. I liked the blog post however.

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