Restaurant Week 2012 Review

Author : teriann

The week of culinary delights is over and all those who enjoyed its delectable cuisine and deals are counting themselves fortunate to have experienced Restaurant Week 2012.

So what about anyone that missed it because of poor time management or low funds?
Well never fear, as being the intrepid explorer as I am, I found a restaurant that had decided to offer their specials for the entire month of November in recognition of Restaurant Week.

The restaurant, Eurasia Cafe is located in The Courtyard in Marketplace at 67 Constant Spring Road Kingston. Now I know that traditionally this location caters to an uptown market and as its name suggests, it offers a mix of European and Asian cuisine.

They have two specials: one for $1670.00 and the other for $2000.00. Yes the prices seems at first glance to be a bit expensive but I was unprepared for the range that was offered by their meal package.

If you are going to spend money for a celebratory dinner like I did or any other special event the atmosphere along with the discounted price makes it a prime location.

I had ordered the $2000.00 option and all I can say is it was mouth watering. That discounted meal option includes a starter seafood soup or choice of salad, barbecue chicken, blackened bass fish, several shrimp dipped in sauce and served with steamed vegetables along with your choice of rice, angel hair pasta or mashed garlic potatoes. The meal is served with a choice of ginger ale or Appleton special and bread pudding with whipped cream as desert.

The flavours were amazing and the only difficulty I had was in finishing my meal. I enjoyed the meal and the price included items that if purchased separately would have made it much more expensive at its regular price. The service was very relaxed and the chef even came to my table to inquire if I had enjoyed the meal.

What were your experiences of Restaurant week? Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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