Innovative Juice Bar opens in Loshusan Supermarket.

Author : teriann

Okay I have officially seen it all!

Going to the supermarket is usually a humdrum experience, you simply purchase your items sigh over the prices and leave.

So imagine my delight when I visited the Loshusan supermarket on 29 East Kings House Road in Kingston and turned the corner to see an unusual sight.

There was a sign hanging from the ceiling that read, ‘Juice Bar’. It was hanging over a station with a circular table and bar stools that beckoned invitingly to the tired shopper.

I approached with a degree of disbelief and a tinge of unease. I thought I would not be able to buy the drinks as I would only have $280 in my purse after I bought my groceries.

I decided to stay and watch how they make the drinks. The amicable staff who were dressed in aprons and chef hats, moved with effortless grace as they expertly mixed various ingredients to create a masterpiece.

The choices of drinks were simply mouth watering with names like GrapeBerry, Red Red Pine, Pine Zinger Blend, Apple Lumber Jack Blend and Beet Petite Blend.

I chose the GrapeBerry which consisted of grapes, straw berries and oranges. This and all the other choices cost $280.00, however they have other drinks on the menu that cost $180.00.

The drinks and smoothies are prepared with fresh ingredients while you wait. They also offer icecream treats. The juice bar was a hit with the customers but there was no sacrifice on taste when the production intensified.

Worth it?

Most definitely! It’s also healthy as they do not add any sugar to their drinks.

Hats off to the management of Loshusan for being innovative and creating the first (to my knowledge) juice bar in a supermarket.

Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way as since opening last month customers have flocked the juice bar.

What do you think about having a juice bar in a restaurant? Let me hear from you!

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2 Responses to “Innovative Juice Bar opens in Loshusan Supermarket.”

  1. Kenya says:

    Thanks for yjis innovative idea. We are all behind you and wishing you all the best

  2. Thiiah's Juices and Organic Foods says:

    I think it’s a great idea. Thiiah’s Juices and Organic Foods located at 22 Belmont Rd. New Kgn and shop 6 Mandeville plaza is a well establish restaurant with a natural juice bar in it. Availble are juices,smoothies, vegetable extracts no sugar added. Contact Tel # 754-6410/5322

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