Courts Offer Consumers new Optical services!

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When I heard of Courts opening a new store on Constant Spring Road, I must admit I was not that excited. After all, if you already know what they offer you are less likely to be impressed. However, I certainly was surprised when I walked into the new branch on Constant Spring Road.

The layout was impressive with the lights strategically placed in order to showcase the products on display. The wide array of electronics, furniture and appliances were dazzling and the computer display seemed to attract a lot of customers as they were allowed to inspect the features and applications on the laptops. The most interesting part of the store though was the optical section.

Courts had recognized the eye care needs of its many customers and decided to fill those needs by providing optical services.
The Optical section was actually a ‘store within a store’ as you have to enter the glass doors within the main store in order to gain access.
Once inside the store, there was a wide range of glasses with elegant frames that adorned the walls. The sunglasses were displayed were also top quality with brands such as RayBan. The day I visited the store it was packed but a friendly customer representative was willing to answer my questions. The friendly interaction between their customer and sales representatives was one of the highlights of my visit.

Since the opening of the store and its ‘sister’ store in Crosswords on December 12, 2012, business has been booming.
What is the allure of the services they offer? Well it’s all in the headline from their advertisement in The Gleaner dated December 12, 2012, ‘Eye wear available on credit’. Yes it’s true they offer layaway plans on glasses! They also offer free eye testing, contact lenses and an in house optician.

So how are their prices?

The prices vary according to the frame and lens that you choose. For example, if you choose a Razzi frame it will cost you $5,999 cash or $139.00 weekly whereas if you choose a Tatoo frame then it will cost $9,999.00. cash or $229.00 weekly. The option of taking the glasses on credit however is a bit tricky as you cater to those who if they qualify can afford quality eye care.
On the other hand, paying $139.00 for 104 weeks will result in a cost of $14,456.00 and that’s not including the price of the lens. Still it is a new type of product for the store so let’s see how it develops over time. In the meantime will you be visiting the Courts Optical Stores? Let me hear from you!!

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  1. Julia campbell says:

    What is d cost to test eyes at courts optical?

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