New Toll Charges hit Jamaican Consumers hard!

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Teri Ann Renee Paisley, Gleaner Online Writer

A few years ago, before the advent of toll roads, Jamaican drivers complained about their lack of options as there were limited travel routes. The lack of infrastructure was a problem as everyone grumbled about the long wait in endless streams of traffic especially on the Nelson Mandela Highway which connects several areas including Portmore to Kingston.

The introduction of the toll roads was supposed to be the answer to the prayers of those who were willing to pay for the shortened travel time. The toll roads were heralded as the way forward as the smooth road surface and multiple lanes would equal to a better standard of travel in Jamaica.

Unfortunately the smooth surface of these roads encouraged speeding which led to accidents. The money paid at the toll roads seemed not to be worth the risk. True it is a model that has been successful in other countries but I thought that sooner or later we would have to pay the piper.

Although the toll roads were supposed to cut travel time that is not always the case.

If you travel in the mornings on the Nelson Mandela Highway you will notice a pile up of traffic in that area coming from the direction of the toll road which then merges with those cars from Spanish Town and Portmore.

That is not to say that sometimes the toll road is not convenient. The Spanish Town to Old Harbour leg of the toll road has helped many persons arrive on time for their appointments.

But what about the rising cost?

The toll prices started out relatively small and it depended on how far you travel on the road. The Vineyard Town Toll road has always been the most expensive.

According to The Gleaner dated July 1, 2013, ‘Residents of Jamaica’s only municipality will have to fork out an extra $20 for Class One vehicles, an additional $30 for Class Two vehicles, and $60 more for Class Three. The prices, effective July 6, are $150, $230 and $450, respectively.’
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Portmore residents are not the only residents that will be affected as anyone who takes the toll road will be affected by the increase.

worth it?

I guess it all depends on your family’s transportation needs. Along with the cost of the toll road you have to factor in the rising cost of gas. It is a good idea to carpool with friends or relatives so the money spent is shared among the occupants of the car.

It might also be time to look at your other option, leaving out earlier and driving on the ‘free’ road.

So what do you think of the increases? Let me hear from you!

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9 Responses to “New Toll Charges hit Jamaican Consumers hard!”

  1. This was always on the cards, once our dollar is devalued,, basically everything in the ISLAND WILL INCREASE, the people will suffer… and this is the modus operandi of the IMF… don’t know if this paradigm has ever achieved any success anywhere else in the World..
    Ironically Portia had suggested that they will re-negotiate the terms with IMF as A Just… Empty…Election Promise,, JEEP… seemingly have no clue at all,, basically they ‘the IMF” are the one’s running the Country

  2. Bob says:

    The problem with the toll was that the terrify had started out too high, with out a vision as to the length of time the road and toll would be in operation, in terms of years where the money could have been recouped by lowering the rate more people use it, and for longer period!.

    What’s happening now is nothing but highway robbery.

  3. Expressionz says:

    The cost of the toll is too high and some people may opt to take the toll in an effort to be on time. What if they have to take the toll twice everyday? Do the math (toll fee*2*5)with 5 being the workdays. Unfair… and the salary remains stable…

  4. George says:

    Further proof that our leaders (orange, green, blue etc) continue to make decisions that put stress those that elect them. We have no choice now… Our leaders signed a contract that GUARANTEES a percentage profit every year. The pied piper has to be paid…

    What we need is better leaders…

  5. teriann says:

    I guess the ‘free’ road is looking better and better!

  6. Dwayne says:

    The problem is not the toll roads. The problem is the policing. Get some police to issue fines to speeders. They’ll soon stop speeding when the get hit with additional charges. That’s how they do it in the UK.

  7. T Lincoln says:

    Sista P & the PNP love poor people so they are trying to make lots &lots more He who knows that he kwows not is a FOOL and that is the PNP &the JLP and they fool the fool that vote for them In your hands Lord i commit Jamaica to you be gentle

  8. kaya says:

    Boycott the toll road. We have a choice. Don’t complain just let them feel your disgust with the lack of money in their pockets.

  9. Shante says:

    Economics go through rough times, so toughen up folks! Freeze on salaries does not mean that cost of living also freezes…I leave Portmore early, take the free road and resist the temptation to press gas when not necessary. A friend at work confirmed that he spends more on gas than I do, and he lives in Jacks Hill – we both work downtown. My advice – get out of your comfort zone and do what you have to to cut costs: take leftover to work for lunch (fast food is expensive and makes you sick!), carpool, buy wholesale, cut out the ‘fluff’ purchases…

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