Chicken back shortage!

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Teri Ann Renee Paisley, Gleaner Online Writer

Chicken, done in various ways, is a favourite dish of many Jamaicans. In fact they love it so much they utilize every aspect of it in their recipes.
Where else do they in the world do people salivate over chicken foot soup and eat chicken back?

You would be hard pressed to find a Jamaican who does not like to eat chicken.
They might soon become easier to find.
Chicken prices have steadily risen and many consumers are now contemplating how they will contend with the absence of their favourite dish.

The staple chicken dish in many communities is chicken back.
It is usually fried but can also be jerked and curried. It can be found at corners, dances and many homes across Jamaica.

What is the biggest attraction of chicken back?
Well chicken back is usually cheaper to buy than other kinds of meat.
Although a variety of Jamaicans enjoy this dish, it particularly appeals to low income families who are able to feed their families with it on a regular basis.
Presently 1 pound of chicken back is sold at local wholesales for approximately $65.00.

Since chicken back is such a staple in the diet of most Jamaicans, the shortage that is being experienced currently will negatively affect consumers.
The shortage is being attributed in part to increased consumption in America, cutbacks in overseas production and increased costs to import.

How can consumers cope?
Well can anyone think what Jamaicans need to do in order to alleviate the shortage?
What about ‘eating what we grow’?
There are many persons who raise chickens and are able to make a profit doing so full or part time.

I realize that not everyone can raise chickens. They might just not have the time, space or inclination.
However, there is a simple solution.
If there were more farmers there would be less shortage.
If farmers got more support there would be more incentive for them to remain in farming.
It is not easy work to raise chickens or plant crops and find them missing the next morning.

So much more needs to be done to give additional support to farmers but in the meantime let’s find ways to be creative with our chicken recipes.

What do you think about the current chicken back shortage

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