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We are fast approaching the ‘silly season’,where consumers are besieged with the constant demand to ‘shop til they drop’.

The truth is that even if there are bargains, there is no guarantee that the same item could not have been bought somewhere else at a cheaper price. The only way to ensure that you are saving money is to shop around before you buy.

That is easier said than done, as in this fast paced lifestyle in which most of us live, there is simply no time to go driving around at stores to check their prices.

I mention going to the stores to check out prices because I have had dismal results when trying to get prices and availability of products by the phone or Internet.

The customer representatives on the phone are often unhelpful and ignorant of the products that they sell.

It is often a chore that involves long wait times while they go and check the information about the product.

How to Save as you shop!

The savvy shopper knows that proper planning is necessary in order to save money while shopping. It is important to know which stores are having specials and create a budget for the shopping trip.

The use of the Magna card also gives consumers the advantage of accumulating funds which they can use to purchase more goods.

Check out your local supermarket for deals.

Often supermarkets have daily deals or specials on the weekends. These specials allow customers to get free or discounted items.

Some supermarkets offer discounts to senior citizens and government workers on selected days.
If you don’t fall in those two categories, why not give the money for the groceries to a friend who qualifies, to purchase the items for you on those days?

Don’t forget the power of bulk buying.

Some persons might be not able to purchase items in bulk because they would need to find more money. However it is certainly worth it, so why not combine the funds of two or three friends so as to benefit from this arrangement?

Saving while shopping is not easy but it can be done!

What’s your take? Drop me a line!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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  1. BusyMom says:

    I agree that proper planning is necessary in order to save money while shopping. Adjusting your shopping list so that you can buy in bulk is also a great idea. For example you could postpone buying Downy, etc. so that you can buy a case of tissue instead of two or three packs.

    Magna card is great but Sure loyalty gives greater rewards for your grocery shopping.

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