Think First! Buy Later!

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How many times have you gone shopping and thought you found the perfect item only to be disappointed when you got home?

Maybe you discovered that the item was flawed or soiled and so the price you paid for it was much too high. It could also be that the item was simply a luxury item and now you realize that it was a purchase that you simply can not afford.

For some impulse shoppers, buying an item they don’t need is a way of life. They see an item for a low price so they quickly purchase it only to later discover that the item is available elsewhere for a lower cost.

Shop Carefully!

The best way to avoid these feelings of regret after making a purchase is to think carefully before you buy.  Ask yourself the following question : Do you really need the item?

A need is something that you require that can not be substituted for anything else. If the item is a necessity then it becomes a matter of ensuring that you get it for the right price.  Some consumers buy more than one item because it is on sale.  However, if the item is one that you need, bulk buying is an option as it capitalizes on getting a bargain and satisfying your need at the same time.

Don’t be swayed by sales clerks

I once had the experience of a sales clerk who was so pushy that I considered leaving the item just because I didn’t like being pressured.

The truth is sales clerks get paid by commission as well as their regular salary so the more items they sell, the more money they earn.  That does not mean however, that they always have the customers’ best interests at heart.

The best sales clerks will ask customers what their budget is and try to offer items that match the amount of money that the customers plan to spend.  If they bring you items that you can’t afford simply hand them back quickly and firmly state that it is over your budget.

Examine Products and Check Prices!

While in the store examine the item carefully before you buy!  Some stores have no problem offering torn or soiled clothing at a special price to entice unsuspecting customers.

In some stores, sales on items in the ‘discount section’ are often final, so that means if you buy it then take it home there are no returns.

A final thought, don’t shop if you don’t need anything, chances are something might catch your eye and you might regret your purchase!

How do you avoid buyers remorse? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner Online Writer

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