Are you safe shopping online? (Part 1)

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A number of people are shopping online. Businesses are offering their customers the convenience of doing their shopping online. Shoppers can use apps to purchase almost anything and more people are hopping on the technological train.

I am not one of those eager to shop online. I decided to do some research as I wondered how safe it was to send my information online!

Is it safe to give out information online?

Identity theft is a real threat and one way it can happen is when you give out your information including credit card numbers. So how can you stay safe?

Well I have always looked at the websites that I am thinking of shopping with very  carefully.  If it looks as if the website is asking for too much information I suggest that you quit the transaction and leave the site.

It might be hard to leave what might have been a good deal, but the money and time you could lose if someone gets your credit card information will definitely cancel out the benefits of a sale price.

Be careful of what you use for online transactions.

It is very important to use your personal computer when giving out personal information. If you use a public computer that will increase your risk. This is because there might be persons who could get your information after you leave the computer.

Be very careful when using a hotspot as any sensitive information you send through the Internet could be picked up by strangers.
Why not wait until you get home to your protected network?  Although it may be less convenient, it’s a much safer option.

Smartphones  are popular and they are able to be used to shop online. However since they aren’t equipped with the anti-virus software that you have on your computer, it’s easier for criminals to get malware on your mobile device that could help them steal information you enter.

Since  shortened URLs are often used because they are more phone-friendly this can also trick you into visiting a risky site since it’s harder to tell whether it’s secure or trusted. Phones can be stolen, so make sure it’s password protected so any information that you may have stored on it isn’t easily accessed.

This is just Part 1 of the discussion. Check back for Part 2.

What are ways in which you ensure that you remain safe when you shop online?

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Teri Ann Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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