Are you a bad customer?

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Often we tend to focus on bad customer service but what about bad customers? Well there are several things customers do that makes business owners feel happy to see certain customers leave their stores.

Bad Attitude

I have seen several customers behave very disrespectfully when faced with a situation they did not like such as getting the wrong order. At a popular fast food restaurant, a woman stormed inside and slammed down her order on the counter while she demanded attention. She shouted at the server that she had left out the bacon in her sandwich.

The server apologized and remade the sandwich but this was not enough for the irate customer who began a long expletive filled rant about the poor service that she had received. She was then approached by the manager who again apologized but the woman continued to express her disgust with the restaurant’s service. After she received the sandwich with her precious bacon she grabbed it from the counter and left the store.

Now of course getting a wrong order can be frustrating, but the way in which some customers complain can leave much to be desired. There are ways to complain without being disrespectful. That woman’s attitude is really not surprising as being aggressive and shouting at employees seems to be a part of doing business in Jamaica.

Unfortunately persons who display bad attitudes often get attention more than someone who is more respectful. Nevertheless being given attention can apply to any customer if they are legitimate complaints. The best thing to do is ask to speak to a manager if the complaint is a serious one and you feel that the employee is not addressing your concerns.

Dishonest Customers

Not all shoppers actually want to spend their money in order to get items. I spoke to a manager of a local store who did not wish to be identified.  She admitted that customers try to shoplift all the time. They take items and give it to small children to ‘hold’ or slip it into their pockets or bags.

Sometimes they use changing rooms as a way to hide their attempts to steal. That is why store attendants are trained to make note of how many items are taken into the changing room at any given time.

Customers also open food items and ‘taste’ it and leave the opened item on the shelf. Any half opened items have to be discarded so the business will lose money.

So are you guilty of any of the practices outlined above? I hope not! Let me hear what you think. Drop a line below!

Teri Ann Paisley

Gleaner Online Writer

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