Restaurant Week Success!

Author : teriann

So I could not help but comment on my restaurant week experience! I did not go to every restaurant on my list as sadly there was just not enough time to get to them all. The ones that I did go however, were certainly amazing and I enjoyed every bit of my culinary adventure.

Best Service, Great Food

On a general note, all the restaurants gave good customer service and everyone from the cashier to the server was able to offer a detailed description of the items on the menu. In some cases the Restaurant Week menu was the first menu given to customers, while in other restaurants it was offered alongside their regular menu.

The best thing about that week was the variety of menu items for consumers.  Jamaicans love our traditional food but at times you want to escape from the regular and try something a bit different without fearing that it won’t be prepared in a tasty manner.
During restaurant week there were no such worries as each dish that I tried all had the same thing in common, they were delicious.

The prices of the menu options were not exorbitant and so I always found something that I could afford on the menu.

I suppose one of my biggest problems that I had during Restaurant Week was deciding what to buy.

There were usually several options of entrees ranging from fish, pork, chicken and beef which were prepared in various ways.
This eating out venture of mine was important but I didn’t want to be alone so I  took along some friends to share in the fun.


The challenge that I had with this week was that it was way too short. Just as I got used to the variety of affordable and tasty meals it was over and it was back to eating from the regular menu.

I suppose the other challenge I experienced was that despite having budgeted for the event, I spent too much money by acquiring too many meals at the higher end of the menu. but it was money well spent.

The long wait times to be served were understandable although at times annoying as it impacted on the experience. I found a way around this was to make reservations and avoid going to the restaurant during peak hours.

Did you go to any restaurants during Restaurant Week?
Did you enjoy the experience? Drop me a line or two about your experience.

Teri Ann Renee Paisley
Gleaner online writer


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