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So how do you know it’s the end of the year?

It’s not the cooler weather or the closing of schools.  The way you know it’s December is to note the increased number of businesses that are offering sales and specials to their customers. Everywhere you go, there are signs that show there are several stores hoping to make an extra buck during the holidays.

The Best of Times

The good news is that during this time, you can get a lot of deals if you look in the right place. There are opportunities to get free offers or benefit from lowered prices.  Stores are looking to clear out old stock which will attract lowered prices.

I also love the shopping that is available at this time of the year at outdoor fairs. These fairs give consumers an opportunity to sample  new products and  appreciate Jamaican artistry.  The other thing to look out for are those fabulous give aways at this time of the year. In some cases consumers are entered automatically while in other instances you have to purchase something to be eligible for the prize.

Some places even  encourage customers to shop by offering sweets to customers or giving out promotional items with purchase. This certainly helps in making the shopping experience a good one.

Stores are also aware that customers need to feel secure so there have been increased security in some areas. I also appreciate being provided with adequate parking so that I can put all my energies on focusing on the shopping.

The Worst of Times

The worst part for me about shopping is when you go over your budget.  It does not matter how great the deal is if you simply can’t afford it! Some sales are really not offering great deals so it’s better in those cases to leave the shopping until another time.

The crowds can be very difficult to shop with as there can be limited space to maneuver and shopping in cramped aisles are no fun.  Sometimes because of the extra strain on the system, the POS (Point of Sale) machines stop working properly and you won’t be able to use your card to make a purchase. Since most person don’t carry a lot of cash with them  when the machines stop working it can be annoying.

If you decide to go to an ATM to get cash to pay for your purchases during peak shopping hours you will be in for a long wait  The lines are bad enough but when you get to the machine  you could find that it  either has no cash or that it can only issue small bills.

Additionally along with the consumers there are those trying to take what they can and that certainly is no fun! It is so hard that instead of relaxing and  shopping you have to keep a keen eye out for thieves.

So what’s your take on the issue? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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