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In a previous post I wrote about the need to be organized and reduce the clutter in your home.  For many consumers however, this is just wishful thinking as they have no idea how to make it a reality and stay within their budget.

It does not have to be  a pipe dream, you can afford to organize your home and keep your costs down if you make a plan.


If it is properly planned your organization efforts will not only be successful but inexpensive. So start by calculating how much money you are willing to spend on organizing your home.

Next decide on the sections of your home that would benefit most from an organizing makeover. Bear in mind that a lot of projects don’t require any funds at all! So you can choose a number of projects to get rid of that clutter!

Organization Tips

So where do you begin? Take it one room at a time. If you have gotten in the habit of stuffing unused items in a closet, spare room or other storage space then it’s time to tackle it.

Sort through your items and if you decide that they are ‘keepers’ you don’t need to panic. Get creative with how you store your items. There are many decorative touches you can add to your home that might incorporate these items and add flair to any room.

One item you can invest in are plastic storage bins. Although they can be a bit pricey they really help in the organization process. They come in various sizes and they can be used to ensure that you can easily find the items that you have stored.

However if you really want to save money, look around and I am sure that you will find containers that could ‘double’ as storage containers. Even old shoe boxes can be used to store smaller items!

Some items in storage may also need to be repaired. That cost can escalate depending on how badly damaged the item is and so it is important to determine if it’s worth the time and effort to restore. If you have an area that is really cluttered, it’s a good idea to get friends and family to help.

Stick to your Budget!

It’s important to stick to your budget so even though you need to get rid of the clutter don’t try to do it all at once. So drop me a line and let me know how your projects are going! It’s always best to be in a clutter free environment and it’s always good to stay on budget!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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