Do you live a simple life?

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I had a friend once who took three hours to get ready. It didn’t matter where we were going or how urgent it was that we be on time.  My friend simply couldn’t go out the doors of the apartment without doing what she called ‘essential grooming’.

Her habits made it difficult to plan to be anywhere and eventually I started telling her the wrong time of the start of the event just so she would be on time. The worst part of such elaborate grooming is the cost.

I know persons who spend thousands of dollars on hair styles, cosmetics and wardrobe and soon they have placed themselves in debt. It’s strange how people put so much emphasis on maintaining a lifestyle that can be quite expensive.

It makes you wonder is there any benefit from living a simple life?

Benefits of a Simple Life

A simple life does not mean that you walk around looking frumpy and wear clothes that are out of date.  However if you have to wear the latest fashion, you will need to dig deeper in your pockets every year.  The trends are not considerate of your budget and they are constantly changing.

This means what is ‘in’ today is ‘out’ tomorrow and if you have to be up to the latest trends that does not look well for your budget.  I think the best way to be in the fashion forward set is to choose classy, timeless pieces that will never go out of style.

So it’s best to have basic items in your wardrobe with several pieces that can be flexible. The main benefit of doing this is that you save money while still looking fashionable.

The cost of hairstyles vary but why not choose something that is low maintenance and long lasting? That way you can lessen your trips to the salon and reduce your monthly spending at the same time.

We all like to look good and there are some special moments when we are going to put more effort in our appearance such as graduation ceremonies or other formal affairs.  However there are still ways to be simple, you can achieve a polished look with very little effort by practicing to make the most of a little.

Most accessories can be worn interchangeably so that there is no need to purchase new pieces to ‘match’ the new outfit.

Personal tastes and styles will vary but it is important to be stand out from the crowd.  Why do you want to look like the rest of the crowd?  Stand out and be you!

If you live the simple life then you will save money, be creative and you will be on time!

Do you live the simple life? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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