Respect – Consumers and Customer service!

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Respect is not a quality that is hard to identify but sadly it is often missing when people interact with each other.  In everyday situations, persons who feel disrespected often resort to aggression and anger which does not usually solve the problem.

Disrespect and its effects
When employees of an organization interact with the public they need to be specially trained so that the art of being pleasant is cultivated.

Do consumers really purchase items solely on how they are treated in those interactions?

Well consider these two scenarios, in the first instance a customer walks in a store and is greeted half heartedly or perhaps not at all by the store clerk.  Customers are given little attention and are unsure of how to source what they need. When they ask for assistance they are ignored or grudgingly given attention.

What effect will this experience have on the customer?

No doubt the customer will be unlikely to return or purchase anything at that store. They would also relate their negative experience which would repel prospective new customers from shopping in that store or utilizing that service.
Owners of companies need to ensure this is not the scenario at their establishments as this leads to a loss of profit.

Respect the Customer – Reap rewards
In the second scenario, the customer is greeted with a warm smile and given the full attention of the staff.  They listen to their customers and resolve any issues quickly and fairly.

They also provide guidance so that consumers can make informed decisions.
They then spread the word of their wonderful experience and this encourages other customers to try the service or product being offered by the company.

So the impact on customers is clear if you have a choice you will not return to use a service or purchase items at an organization that they feel a sense of disrespect. Consumers also will respond to respect by making additional purchases that were unplanned.

For example I went to one newly opened fast food restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and respectful the members of staff were at the establishment. After engaging in some friendly banter with the cashier, I ended up purchasing more items than I had planned for initially all because of her pleasant demeanor.

Additionally being respectful creates an environment of peace and relaxation which allows customers to enjoy the overall experience.
Of course respect is a two way street, it is important for customers to also show respect and adhere to the stipulations of how to conduct their business.

Therefore while things such as excessive waiting or incorrect orders can cause frustrations, customers need to be calm while reporting problems and display the same courteous attitude that they which to receive.

So what’s your take on the issue? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley
Gleaner online writer

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  1. Nikanta says:

    I have been an avid shopper of the now Sampars, former Empire Supermarket in Cross Roads for decades. From childhood days with my grandmother, ever since they occupied the building now serving as Island Grill. One evening I wanted to pick up 2 items close to closing time so I made a quick dash in picked up the items and cashed out. When I exited the building and about to press my keys to open the car door which was parked close to the entrance. I realized I did not have the gate pass which I last saw in my hand while waiting by the cashier. So I quickly retraced my steps because it couldn’t have been far or lost I thought, but to no avail. I still can’t understand how no one couldn’t have notice it in open spaces less than 5 meters. Then at my attempt to inform the security so I could exit I was told that I had to pay $1,000 or leave something of value until I was able to come back and pay, now mark you the items I purchased was about $500 which was all the cash I had on me and the security don’t have a card facility. You know it was the employee at the baggage area that give me the $1000 and the most frustrating part of it is that up to now the security didn’t even ask me for papers or validate the I was the actual owner of the vehicle and not actually stealing it, which I presume is also a reason for giving out these stupid piece of paper, that has no value, in the first place. Suffice to say the only time I returned was to reimburse the young man (with interest of course, I was so humbled by his kindness). I was so demotivate to go back there how can you be charging people $1,000 for a stupid piece of paper, my God!!! It cost me 3 times the amount I intended to spend and I still believe that someone intentionally took that pass.

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