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If you like shopping, chances are that you are tempted to buy fashionable clothing.  The biggest challenge is that the clothing that is more in fashion are usually very expensive. The newest style is often also a hot commodity among customers so that pushes up the price.

Fashion Choices

Although some consumers think that they have to buy expensive clothes there are options for the smart shopper. Online shopping is relatively new way of shopping  for some consumers but it has become a viable option.

However if you are shipping the item from overseas there are additional costs that can certainly add up in some cases it might be even more than the cost of the item.

A suggestion is to ship the item to friends or family who could collect the package and take it to you when they travel. Another way to avoid heavy shipping costs is to shop around as some companies have specials on their online offers.

If you don’t have  a credit card that’s no problem, in some cases a debit card can be used or you can avail yourself of the services of companies that offer consumers the use of their credit card to make purchases.

The other cheaper option to make your wardrobe fashionable is to recycle your existing wardrobe. This requires a little ingenuity and skill. Worn jeans pants can be turned into fashionable shorts while old t-shirts can be decorated and fashioned into a tote or vest.

If you have the time to check there are various websites that offer do it yourself projects on how to reuse older clothing in a way that makes it fashionable.

Buying Smart

Instead of buying randomly or trying to follow trends it is much better to build your wardrobe with quality items. Before you go shopping, check what items you need that would make up a versatile wardrobe.

A small closet full of quality clothes that actually fit make you look so much better than a huge closet full of cheap, old, ill-fitting items ever will.

Need help on what you want to buy? Stick to classic items and embellish with the trends. For example, for a woman, a classic might be a beautiful black dress, and the trend would be an infinity scarf and statement earrings. For a guy, a great fitting pair of pants and a no-wrinkle shirt matched.

The classic look depends on your style. I think of the classics as items that you can wear all the time, goes with a lot of the items in your wardrobe and are of high quality.
So how do you stay fashionable on a budget? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley
Gleaner Online writer

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