No new taxes!

Author : teriann

The nation held its collective breath as it waited to hear how this year’s budget would be funded.
New taxes loomed as an imminent threat on the horizon and inwardly we all groaned in anticipation.

However, it was a great relief to hear that no new taxes were being introduced.   Instead there was good news for consumers. 
As of April 1, 2011, the interest rate on loans offered by the Student’s Loan Bureau has been reduced by 3%.
Effective May 16, 2011, those who refinance their loans will also benefit from reduced Stamp Duty.

So will these concessions be enough to stimulate growth in the economy? Is it enough to help consumers?

Although no new taxes is certainly good news, reducing more of our existing taxes would certainly have been better news!
What do you think?

Teri Ann Renee Paisley (Gleaner on-line writer)

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5 Responses to “No new taxes!”

  1. Bob says:

    People should not put their pot a fire on this promise, because its an election promise and it all hinge on what the outcome of the election will be!. I will make my prediction, that the tax man will come calling next year!. and with a loud roar!..

  2. jobless says:

    Bob you are hopeless! Give the government credit….great acheivements in just 3 years…kudos to Bruce Golding!

  3. Bob says:

    I for one know what I am talking about!.. when you borrow you are a slave to your borrower!.. if you want to come to anything!.. you will have to break that chain!.

  4. mark ranger says:

    Bob how your Govt woulda deal wid it, we all have to borrow for now, the only difference is at what interest rate, Omar was a high interest rate man, but man a yard find cheaper money, kudos to d man Bob, him a gwaan good, so winnings………………..

  5. Chris says:

    Mark my words: NO NEW TAXES!

    …but we’ll increase the old ones.

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