J.P.S and the OUR

Author : teriann

Like a lot of Jamaicans, I eagerly awaited the results from the OUR probe into the new meters installed by
The Jamaica Public Service (J.P.S).  I felt certain that these new meters might be the root cause of recent complaints by consumers of skyrocketing electricity bills.

However, the investigation revealed that the meters were not to be blamed for the increase in electricity bills.
They did note that the Jamaica Public Service Company’s disconnection methods needed some adjustment so as to give more consideration for the consumer. They also suggested changes in the company’s back billing policy.  No word though on how or when we, the consumers, will see some relief from high electricity bills.

So where does that leave us?

Well, its back to the drawing board as there seems to be no end to our belt tightening measures as we try to stay afloat in this economy.
Consumers need to do all they can to reduce their bills.  Along with turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use, as an extra precaution try plugging out all appliances before leaving the house for an extended period and at night.  It’s also worth the cost to replace your incandescent lightbulbs with florescent.  Your pocket will thank you!

How do you save money on your light bill?  Do you agree with the results of the OUR’s investigation? Let me hear from you. Click this link to read more http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20111022/news/news1.html

Teri Ann Renee Paisley (Gleaner on-line writer)

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5 Responses to “J.P.S and the OUR”

  1. Feenix says:

    I wrote to the JPS on behalf of my self and others on the 19th October and didnt get a reply so I wrote to the OUR and didnt get a reply from them either. This was not about pricing but outages. We have had over 50 from the 1st October until 19th October.
    To date no explanation, no acknowledgement, no nothing. Waste of space! In the end we found out by other source they were load shedding.

  2. Wayne says:

    Office of Useless Regulations(thats the name it should be given) should be disbanded and its responsibilities transferred to the Comsumers Affairs Commission and/or any other statutory body.Its obvious this useless organisation is not serving the interests of the consumers.

  3. dave newman says:

    To fix the current scenario of high electricity prices and poor services and to end the unholy alliance between the GOJ and JPS, the Minister of Energy has to address several issues concurrently. The Ministry needs to focus on policy as it relates to leveling the playing field and deregulations:
    1. The GOJ should divest its ownership of JPS and other energy assets forthrightly.
    2. The regulatory framework has to be changed so that we have separate ownership of generation, transmission and distribution.
    3. The regulatory framework should have an open access approach.
    4. The Independent System Operator (“ISO”) has to be established as an independent entity, preferably a non-profit entity.
    5. Participation of international investors should be encouraged through various tax incentives.
    6. The role of the OUR has to be redefined to place greater emphasis on consumer protection and to establish benchmarks and standards that protect consumers.
    7. The Ministry of Energy role should be redefined and focused on state planning.

    There is an inherent conflict of interest of Interest with the GOJ ownership of up to 20% of JPS. This ownership relationship between the GOJ and Marubeni, the parent company of JPS, prevents the GOJ from serving the interest of the public. The simple objective of JPS’ management is to maximize the shareholders value, which conflicts directly with the role of the government, which is to maximize the shareholders value of the people of Jamaica. Does the government support JPS so as to increase its shares value or does it side with the people of Jamaica as required with good governance? This conflict of interest can easily be remedied by the divestment of ownership. My preference is for the government to divest this ownership through a shares issue on the Jamaica Stock Exchange so as to bring more transparency to the financial matters of JPS.

  4. teriann says:

    Very interesting points Dave you seem well informed. Let’s see what the future will bring to light!

  5. tv amr says:

    I definitely enjoying every part of it and I maybe you have bookmarked to check out new items you post.

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