Formula 1: Alonso must win in Brazil!

Author : cmunroe

Formula 1, thanks to the tireless effort of all the players involved in the sport, is now a significantly improved spectacle. Gone are the days when the World Champion is decided after the first few Rounds. Years gone by, for myriad reasons, one team would reign supreme – think back to the M. Schumacher era – and for the duration of the season, the pack would be confined to chasing an elusive championship dream.

Society they say is dynamic, things rarely remain the same and thankfully F1 has elevated its thinking and has accepted that change is good, change is very good. Minute but crucial changes, for example, no in-season testing and DRS,  have led to unpredictable outcomes and I am happy to admit that overtaking is now a permanent feature of F1.

So where are we now? We are hours away from practice for the final round of the 2012 season in Brazil. Two heavyweights remain for the final championship bout – Alonso and Vettel. They are no strangers to being World Champions and as such the fight is one they are familiar with. And for the F1 faithful, they will remember that Vettel and Alonso had a prior last round showdown. Do you remember who won that fight?

The odds as they stand now do not favor Alonso based on Vettel’s performance in this the final sector of the 2012 season. Vettel holds a 13 points lead. He (Vettel) has driven like the World Champion he is, winning successive races and his win from the back of the pack recently, proves in no uncertain terms, that he is made of carbon fiber! Alonso has been fighting a lame Ferrari all season and the machine is known for its lack of ability during qualifying which ensures that he carries a larger burden!

Essentially, it is HID clear that inorder to take the trophy back to Maranello, Alonso MUST WIN and then hope that an uncharacteristic problem visits Red Bull. Can he win the Brazilian GP? Will Vettel retain his title?

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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