Formula 1: Hamilton chases victory in Brazil

Author : cmunroe

We are all anticipating the unforgettable moments which will surface during the final round of the highly entertaining 2012 Formula 1 season. All eyes will be glued to the championship bout between Vettel and Alonso. There are too many scenarios to keep track of and sadly they will determine who will emerge as World Champion. I have thrown in the towel long ago and have settled with watching the race!


Lewis Hamilton will begin a new chapter in F1 in 2013. He will sever ties with the only team he has known – McLaren. He will be moving on to Mercedes GP – Ross Brawn and company. If you are a Lewis Hamilton fan, like myself, logic will force you to question his motives, but I am honestly hoping that he knows best – even though I doubt it!

Lewis Hamilton, in my view, is arguably the most exciting driver on the grid. He still retains that raw, cut-throat, aggressive, go-kart, fight for every corner mentality, that I admire in ‘real’ drivers. Give him an eighty percent machine and he can hustle the other twenty percent and haul the machine as it screams through its eight cylinders, releasing the glorious sounds of 800 neighing  horses, all the way to the podium!


For reasons I am certain McLaren are still fuming over, the team has not delivered its best within recent seasons and Hamilton’s championship bid has been falling victim to the victorious rampage of others. But, in this the dying moments of the season, he has somehow found new life, a rejuvenation of sorts. He muddied the championship waters with an unexpected win in Austin. A win which helped Alonso and put a minor dent in Vettel’s championship lead and his interference apparently will continue until the engines are silenced.

In Brazil during qualifying Hamilton reminded all of F1 that he is relevant and must be recognized, despite his absence from the championship race. Hamilton roared to P1 and his teammate, Button, apparently motivated, drove to P2. Webber, in a rare move, out-qualified Vettel and snatched P3. Vettel saved face and eased into P4, comfortably before Alonso who will start P7.

Hamilton will chase victory in Brazil, but the world will be more concerned about what is happening to Vettel and Alonso. Alonso will have a lot of work to do if he is going to alter what awaits Vettel. Do I think he (Alonso) can defeat the defending world champion – Vettel? My answer is buried here. The last time they met, under similar circumstances  (the final race deciding the winner of the championship), Alonso froze, buried his face in the sand and lost track of the moment. Vettel on the other hand summoned his ability and determination and drove to victory and won the championship. He is the real deal!

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